Effingham Theatre

It was the old Cumberland trail that brought the first settlers to Broughton, which was the name used in the early 1800’s. It was the rich soil along the Little Wabash River that enabled settlers to stop and establish the first community. Then railway came along in the 1860’s and Effingham, as it had become known, became something of a boom town.

In the 1960s Effingham found itself at the crossroads of two great interstate roads, the I-57, which links Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico and the I-70 which runs from Baltimore on the East coast all the way to I-15 near Cove Fort in Utah. Effingham’s location at this prime crossroads brought many businesses to the area and prompted something of a population explosion.

Here’s what Wikipedia tells us about Effingham’s history.

Effingham was first settled in 1814, and was known from then until 1859 as Broughton.[4]

Some argue that Effingham is named after Thomas Howard, 3rd Earl of Effingham, who resigned his commission as general in the British army in 1775, refusing to serve in the war against the Colonies. This contention is unsubstantiated. The name is Anglo-Saxon for “Effa’s house”.

On April 5, 1949, St. Anthony’s hospital caught fire and burned to the ground, killing 74 people.[5] As a result, fire codes nationwide were improved. Due to extensive media coverage, including a “Life Magazine” cover story,[6] donations for rebuilding the hospital came from all 48 states and several foreign countries.

Effingham Performance Center

Located at 1325 Outer Belt W. the Effingham Performance Center has a great reputation for providing some top class and varied entertainment. It is recognized as a great theatre which is enjoyed by many in the local community.

Effingham Performance Center

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